Vickie’s Reviews: Pound Cake (S)

Vickie’s REVIEWS: Pound Cake (S)

Usually I say when you make a recipe to half it, however, don’t even bother with this one or you will be disappointed. What a great staple or go-to recipe, especially in the warm months, when fresh berries are at their peak.

Gretchen from Fit Mom Journey has knocked it out of the park with recipe. It is of course an S and she even suggest adding chocolate chips, but I am here to say it doesn’t even need it. I made this for Easter family meal and no one believed it was sugar free. I took mini-loaves to work and they raved over it. Give it a try….You won’t be disappointed.

Help Me Name My Business

I Need Your Help!!

For the past couple of years Thom and I have been eating better following the Trim Healthy Mama eating plan. Its not so much a diet as a plan for what to eat and when. We’ve had such awesome results that I want to help others find the same “food freedom” that we enjoy. So… I’m working now to launch a new coaching program to help people do just that!

Here’s where I need your help… I’m really stuck on what to call it. Here are a couple of ideas we’ve had and I’d appreciate your feedback on them. I’m hoping to find something that makes people say, “YEAH! I want that!”

If none of these say that to you, that’s fine. If you have another idea, that’s awesome too. Just drop it in the comments. Either way, thanks in advance for your help!